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V  I  S  U  A  L  S

Arvi Ragu


An image is worth thousand words. I enjoy the creative aspect of telling compelling stories in the shortest possible time. Be it a 5 minute short film, a 30 second commercial or just a photograph, I strive to tell a story and capture the imagination of the viewers. I have writen, edited and directed several commercials over the past 6 years, for both local and nation products.


In this age of fast growing social media and online content streaming, a video commercial has greater impact than print media and radio ads. But still there is a lack of quality commercials or promotional video for local businesses. The main reason being the hefty price tag put out by big name AD agencies.


We want to provide high quality, impactful commercials and promo videos at a very affordable price. Given affordability is a relative term, we created a very simple "Name your Price" tool. Simple answer 2 simple questions, add contact details and name your price!!

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